Friday, October 15, 2010

Tuna Pattie Delight

 Um, this is delicious.  The other night I was looking for something to eat and it was one of those nights where you look in the refrigerator, then you close the door. Then you look in the cupboard, then you close the door.  Then you look in the refrigerator again...maybe check the freezer... Nothin'!  Then you think, danggit!  I have nothing that I can just eat real quick!  This seems to happen to me a lot lately.  It might be because I have to cook two different meals a night.  One for the family, and one for me!  Sometimes I get lucky and we can eat the same meal-- for the most part. But, usually I make them a meal and then realize that I have to eat too.

But during my unfruitful food search I found a can of tuna.  I know some people aren't big fans of tuna, but I find it delightfully delicious! I went online to and found their Tuna Pattie recipe (which is now posted on my recipe page) and I decided to give it a try.

It turned out great!  Although I felt like I needed something more than just a pattie of tuna.  So I had the idea to make some 'buns' for it.  These buns are made out of the cheddar cheese biscuit recipe (also from a carbquik recipe).  The reason I only used one bun was because, I feel, when you use carbquick to make buns, to have two buns is too heavy.  Too much (non fluffy) bread.

The next time I make these buns, I'm going to use a large round cookie cutter so that they will look a little nicer :)  But all-in-all, this was a very tasty meal, and one I will repeatedly make since it was so easy too! I hope you enjoy it!

Has anyone made anything else with tuna?  Or have any suggestions to make this EVEN better?! Let me know, I love me some tuna!


whitney said...

I dunno about tuna recipes...but where in the heck do you find those Shiritaki noodles? Do they sell them in stores or do you have to order them online??

Megs said...

Ha, give it a try with some canned chicken instead. It really was yummy! A nice change from hamburgers.

They do have Shiritaki noodles online, they only cost a couple bucks! But also I would find out if you have any local Asian food markets and call them to see if they carry them in their store.

Here is a link to an online store that sells Shiritaki noodles:

I heard that the tofu spaghetti noodles were pretty good. Make sure to follow the instructions of how to clean and cook them!! Enjoy!