Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Camera Adds 40 Pounds Right?

After EXTREME debate, I am including a picture of me at my fattest.  You can find it here on the "My Story" page.  It is not only depressing to look at, but also motivating to me at the same time.  It helps me to keep dieting so I don't end up here again.  Some might say that I wasn't really that fat, or that size 14 is average.  Let me tell you, I'm 5'3", size 14 did not look good on me.  And, it doesn't really matter how fat you get, or how skinny you get.  It matters how you feel about yourself.  I felt FAT and I felt depressed.  I was constantly thinking about my weight.  It was literally on my mind all day long.  I would look at other women as I walked to class (in college) and think, "do I look like her?", "I wish that I looked like her", "Maybe I have the same body type as her, maybe that's what I look like from behind?".  It makes me want to cry just thinking about where I was with my self-esteem.  But, I'm happy to say that those days are behind me and that if you put your mind to it, and if the Atkins diet is right for you, you can do it too!


Anonymous said...

you are so brave for posting your "fat" pic! i completely understand--i fell off the wagon a few months ago and i constantly think about it... i miss thinking how good i look and how close i am to my goal. you are gorgeous at any size, but i can see how confident and happy you are in the skin you are currently wearing :-) kudos to you!

<3liz higgs

Megs said...

Thanks Liz! That's really sweet of you! Its amazing what your weight can do for your self esteem, good and bad! Don't get discouraged, you can always jump back on the wagon!!