Friday, October 29, 2010

Saturday Treats!

I have finally found a delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe!!  A low carb one of course!!  No sugar, no flour!

So, I was big time craving some chocolate chip cookies!  I have had a hard time finding a good low carb/ Carbquik recipe for them.  Every time I make them they taste waaaay to much like I'm eating a butter cookie.  Sick.  Seriously, I might have well as eaten a stick of butter with some sugar free chocolate chips sprinkled on top.  Even though the cookies looked good, they tasted nasty.

Other times, its hard to find a recipe that has the cookies ending up looking like cookies.  Sometimes the cookies come out as little floppy puddles that you have to scoop into your mouth.  I just wanted a COOKIE!

So, I texted my low carb guru AKA my sister Beth and asked, WWBD? (What Would Beth Do?)  She suggested finding my normal favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and just substituting carbquik for flour, Splenda for sugar, sugar free maple syrup for brown sugar and sugar free chocolate chips instead of normal chocolate chips.  It worked!  It was soooo good!  Even my husband Luke said they were good!!  Now, that is saying something!

You can find my altered Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe here.  Enjoy!


Beth said...

These look absolutely amazing!!! I bet these could ship well, where do we place orders! hehehehe ... I'd like mine with walnuts!

Megs said...

They could totally ship! They are the kind of cookie that doesn't get hard as they get older too! So, they would be perfect since they stay nice and soft!

Sara said...

Thanks for posting all these ideas Meg. I'm trying out some low carb stuff right now. I've lost 12 so far

Megs said...

That's great Sara!!! Congratulations! Isn't it exciting though when you can tell you've lost weight?!

Allie Ogden said...

Dem cookies was GOoood!