Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Recently I've not been the poster child for the Atkins diet...  About 2 1/2 months ago my sister Beth and I got way pumped to loose some weight.  We planned to go full force for 2 weeks of hard core low carb eating and hard core exercising (I know what you're thinking... Me?  Exercising?!)  SOO, I ate 15 carbs a day and exercised TWO TIMES a day. For real, you can run an tell dat. I did 40 minutes of cardio in the morning and 25-30 minutes of weights in the evening.  Talk about tiring!  But I had super purple ketostix, which meant I was burning A LOT of fat!!

My body looked waaay better and toned, but I really didn't loose any weight.  Can you say frustration?!  I got a little burned out.  Now, I didn't fall off the band wagon, I still have been eating low carb... just not, consistently... I stopped checking my ketone levels because I knew that I couldn't be in ketosis because of all of my cheating escapades!  Thankfully thought, I've been maintaining my weight.

But this morning I got the guts to go ahead and check my ketone levels since I've been really good for a while now.  I had light pink ketones!  I know that light pink only means that I was burning a small amount of fat...but it is still progress!!

Checking my ketone levels is definitely motivating for me. It helps me stay on track with my diet.  What are some things that help you stay motivated to diet?  What are things that you see affecting your ketone levels or wieght loss?  Do you have any special things that help boost your ketons?  I wanna know!!!  Please feel free to share you thoughts and ideas with me!!


Jer and Kim said...

Go Megs! You are very motivated! Keep it up!

Megs said...

Thanks Kim! I'm a workin' on it!

Sandy said...

how do you keep your keytones up high?

Megs said...

There are a couple of ways to keep your ketones up high. One is to eat a small amount of carbohydrates. And I can't really give you a specific number since everyone's body is different. The higher your metabolism, the more carbs you can eat and still burn fat. I have to eat about 15-20 carbs a day to really see an improvement in my ketone color.

Another way to see your ketones become more purple, is to exercise. When you exercise you burn more fat, and increase your metabolism- which in turn also burns more fat and increases your ketones!

I personally hate exercising, but when I do, man are my ketones purple!!