Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thou Shall Eat No Eviiiiil!

WOW, I was so tempted to eat Halloween candy tonight!  I really, really wanted to!  I'm somewhat at my goal weight, so I use just about every holiday or special occasion to CHEAT!  But, I was really bad during my anniversary and husband's birthday (like shall we say a 5 day binge?)  So, I really wanted to try and be good tonight and not cheat for a very long time.

I texted my sister Beth to help keep me strong!  Its always good to have a friend to help you through the temptation times!  Eventually the temptation will pass, so just stay strong. 

One other thing that helps motivate (or sometimes discourage...) me is to check my ketone levels.  TMI alert, this is my ketoStix... Sorry if that grosses you out.  But this little piece of plastic here is the reason I did not stray tonight!  After I saw that I was burning a strongly moderate amount of fat, I definitely wanted to keep being good!

I ended up eating 2 Atkins bars instead of chocolate candy!  And seriously, I think that they actually tasted better than the candy would have (nothing's worse when you cheat and then it wasn't even very satisfying, ya know?) I had a Caramel Double Chocolate Crunch and a Nutty Fudge Brownie.  YUM!

How was your Halloween?  Did you stay on the straight and narrow, or did you give yourself some leeway? Tell me how it went!


Beth said...

I ate the Atkins "Mounds Bar" and the chocolate chip cookie dough bar... Yummy!!! I am SO glad there are so many amazing options out there now!

Beth said...
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Megs said...

I haven't seen those ones around Chico! They sound delish!

C. Noel said...

I found your blog on Atkins FB page. I JUST started and am not sure what to expect. Ever since I turned 40 (2 yrs ago, lol) my body has turned on me! I also have a hypo-active thyroid, so loosing weight is an enormous task. But I'm sick of it and thought, why not. It's my 3rd day and as I understand I am in induction for 2wks, no?

Megs said...

Welcome C. Noel!!! Congrats on starting the Atkins diet! You're right, induction is 2 weeks. And, if you really try and follow induction, you'll loose weight! My mom also has slow thyroid problems and the Atkins diet is the only thing that works for her.

I think that on the Atkins FB page they just posted information about induction. I'll try and look it up for you and maybe that will help a little bit more with what to expect!

Megs said...

you've probably read this before, but here is some more information and support with induction: