Saturday, April 22, 2017

Little blog facelift, and some updates.

Its been many, many years since I have given this blog some attention and love. Sorry, I'm just kind of a lazy bum sometimes. I've tried to make this blog a little more accessible and organized with regards to my recipes. You'll see that there are a few different tabs you can click on to take you to my recipes!

I went through a big transition about four years back, and moved to a new town with my family! I gained a lot of weight back, got into some bad habbits... But now I'm in the middle of losing it all again! It feels good to be a loser 😉. This last January, I was finally motivated to lose the weight with my local gym's weight loss challenge they had. The man and woman who lost the most weight won a cash prize! I knew that I could do it! and guess, what? I won it! I lost 25 lbs in about 3 months. Honestly, not my personal best. But, I've noticed as I've gone around the bend of 30 years old, its getting harder to lose weight.

I did a lot of running, which is my favorite form of exercise believe it or not! I love zoning out, watching a movie (while on the treadmill), or listening to a book, and burning those calories! And of course, eating low carb. Its the only way to go for me!

Here's to another "after picture" in the next 3 months! Why don't you come on my journey with me, and take your own before and after pictures!

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