Sunday, April 23, 2017

My go to low carb bread recipe!

Forget about Julian Bakery bread! I wrote about them so many years ago, and they have changed! I have a really hard time finding their bread in my local health food store anyway, and they've changed the recipe so that it doesn't even taste good any more!

So, I scoured the internet and tweaked a few recipes to make my own low carb bread. And let me tell you, its like actual. freaking. bread.

It takes a lot of specialty ingredients, its true. But, if you really need some bread that has the texture like real bread, this is your new bae. Please don't hate me that I just typed out bae.

I found all of my specialty ingredients from Let me get some links for you.

Check out my video on how to make this in your bread machine! Have you ever heard of a low carb bread you could make in your bread machine?! This whole loaf only comes out to be 10 carbs! Just, make sure you find a heavy cream and sweetener with 0 carbs. But, its true, you will need to use actual sugar in this recipe to activate the yeast. only a tsp.

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